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Please contact Cathy Miller, office manager to arrange a meeting with us if you would like more information.


512 B McDowell Ave NE Roanoke VA 24016


Please  be careful relying on GPS for directions.  They frequently take you to McDowell NW, we are NE.

We are centrally located in the Roanoke Valley one block east of the Berglund Civic Center at the corner of Orange Ave and Kimball Ave.  

Driving east on Orange Ave. (Rt. 460) from I-581 go one block past Williamson Rd., turn right on Kimball, the next right is McDowell and the next right is our driveway.


Please know that the following information is most sincere.  This is not a sale pitch but an honest reflection of who we are.

 Valley Occupational Medicine's mission is to provide quality and responsive service to all workers and employers.  We have the educational expertise and the hands-on experience that is only gained from a combination of medical training and years of experience to provide the highest quality Occupational Medicine services.  Our 4 medical providers have an aggregate of 100+ years of experience providing occupational medicine services and we collaborate with each other daily to provide the very best in medical care. 

We understand the concerns of employers in regards to the medical and indemnity costs incurred with work related injuries.    We know that early return to work in a safe capacity is in the best interest of the employer and the employee and we work diligently with employers to achieve that goal.  It is extremely important that we all understand that even though delayed recovery injuries account for only about 20% of work compensation injuries, they are responsible for 80% of worker's compensation costs.  It is therefore critical that such injured workers be identified early and managed correctly to reduce the risk of delayed recovery and the far greater expense incurred with such cases.    

Our medical providers also perform a comprehensive list of medical exams to meet the Occupational Medicine needs of employers at a competitive price.  Please check the services tab above.   

 I encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment to meet with us to discuss your needs and concerns.  Please call to speak with our office Manager Cathy Miller.  Ph: 540-362-9620, dial 0 and ask for Cathy. 



           Comprehensive Occupational Medicine Services

                           We are exclusively an Occupational Medicine Clinic

                           You will find our family owned business highly responsive

                            to your needs 

                           We provide urgent treatment of work related injuries.

                          We pride ourselves in providing high quality medical care

                          at a fair price