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Valley Occupational Medicine

Roanoke, VA

Our Office Staff

Dr. Powledge is board certified in Occupational Medicine and holds an MPH degree in Occupational Medicine.  He has been in the full-time practice of Occupational Medicine for 30 years.  After 22 1/2 years with Lewis Gale Clinic Dr. Powledge opened his private practice of Occupational Medicine.  In 2006 the name was of the practice was changed to Valley Occupational Medicine.  Prior to beginning his Occupational Medicine career Dr. Powledge was an Emergency Medicine physician for 9 years at Lewis Gale Medical Center.  Prior to his emergency Medicine career he was board certified in Family Practice.

Dr. Castern has been in the full time practice of Occupational Medicine for 28 years.  Prior to his Occupational Medicine career he was an Emergency Medicine physician 7 years.  Prior to his Emergency Medicine career he was a general surgeon for 5 years.

Dr. Jornales has been in the practice of Occupational Medicine with Valley Occupational Medicine for about 10 years and specializes in the various physical exams.  She received her board certification in Family Practice in 2000 and re-certified in 2007 .

Susan Albanowski, PA-C has been with Valley Occupational Medicine for 8 years.  She performs a variety of physical exams.  Ms. Albanowski also has prior experience in Family Medicine, Psychiatry and Urgent care.

We have 3 of our providers present in the office the vast majority of the time in order to be well-staffed and provide timely service.

Supporting our physicians are 4 nursing personnel, an x-ray technician, 4 receptionists/secretarial staff, our worker's compensation specialist and our office manager.

We are very proud of our highly qualified and experienced staff.